1. 3D SPACE – TAF TOOL software gives you 3D space environment to work with, so you can work and view your truss design in the real space.


2. In order to make the design work with the software as close to the real life as possible all the segments in libraries are included in their true dimensions.


3. TAF TOOL is using a library of all standard segments produced by the TAF company. You can make as variable designs as you wish from different types of trusses.


4. SEGMENT ROTATION & MOVEMENT - it is possible to rotate the selected piece in the 3D space along all three axis. You can move the piece up/down and back and forth as you wish in the working space.


5. PRESET OPTIONS - the software indicates preset orientation of individual trussing segments for the current design and also preset option of their placement into the structure.


6. ROTATING VIEW – you can view the structure that you are building from any angle at all times. The camera moves smoothly around the entire structure.


Basic view

Profile view

Top view


7. ZOOM OPTION – it is possible to zoom in on the structure and zoom out at any given moment of the design process.


Zoom Out

Zoom In


8. DESIGNS IN SCALE – all the designs created in the TAF TOOL software are in real scale.


9. PDF EXPORT – you can export the created designs to PDF format that will also show its real dimensions and list of segments used in the structure.


10. SAVING PROJECT – you can save the unfinished project/design at any time and continue working on it later on.



system requirements of your computer to run core taftool without VR:

  • CPU `AMD` or `Intel`
  • 3D videocard (Shader-Model 3.0 compatible)
  • 2 GB RAM
  • OS `Windows-XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8`
  • HDD free space 1 Gb